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Trillium Dogtooth Violet

ABV 6.2
Style Sour/Wild Ale
Source San Diego, CA
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Product Description

Inspired by the grace and elegance of this distinctive and ubiquitous wildflower lily, Dogtooth Violet follows in the footsteps of Permutation #63: a simple American Wild Ale that balances a firm grassy bitterness with a touch of funk from aged hops and our Native New England Mixed Culture.  Pouring a light straw with a fluffy head, aromas of fresh lemon, biscuit, and dried green tea leap from the glass. Floral accents of vibrant lemongrass, dandelion, and lavender enliven the palate with a slightly sweet biscuit note following. Medium bodied with a rounded bitterness, a crisp bubbly effervescence and a light acidity, Dogtooth Violet is approachable with a clean and refreshing finish.